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Sergey Sukhovenko was born on May 28th, 1960 in Rostov-on-Don. He graduated from the Rostov Institute of Agricultural Engineering with the specialization «machine engineer.»

He started his working activity at Rostselmash plant and rose through the ranks from mechanician in machine-assembly department to the construction engineer in the department of reliability and endurance tests.

In 1994 Sukhovenko founded and led Bizon LLC — a company, which carries on the supply and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Over the past years, the group of 8 people has become the largest enterprise on the south of Russia, which unites together about 700 specialists.

In 2002 in order to promote the profession of mechanizer and attract youth in agricultural sector, Sukhovenko S. held tractor races Bizon-Track-Show for the first time in our country.

He is fond of motorsport and collecting vintage farm machinery.

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