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Bizon-Track-Show 2013

The XI race on tractors Bizon-Track-Show has already broken a record for quantity of extreme situations on the route. The equipments drowned in the mud baths, overcame fiery barriers, worked on top speed. The competitions between all participants was keeping in suspense more than 30 thousand audience during 4 hours.

33 machine operators battled on Bizon-Track-Show on the 2 of June 2013.

For the first time on a way to a victory there were nine stages instead of seven and 11 795 m instead of 5000. Significantly complicated springboards, steep descents and ascents, water barriers and high speed areas. The internal fight between participants gave to race even more entertainment and extremality. The racers passed dangerous turns almost without reducing speed, crashed into prepared holes over one meter of depth without any fear.

Even the first in the world participation of a woman in tractor races couldn’t affect the cruel opposition of male characters. All time Olga Stebihova from Pskov region had to turn aside from bisons which were rushing to the finish. The maximum speed on the twisting dirt road were 75 km/h.

Unfortunately not all participants could cope with the difficult route, 7 racers gone from a distance. Two rural athletes as Igor Gainylin (LLC «Krimteplica») and Ali Ahmetov (CJSC name of Lenin) overturned in the second part of competitions, but they could repair equipments, moreover they could go to start and also to reach final arrivals. However they couldn’t fight for the third place. For technical reasons the racer from Ukraine left the competitions, taking the fourth place of honor, though he beat the perspective racer Vaycheslav Mironov from Moscow region on split seconds.

The main intrigue of the audience waited in the super final. For the first and second places (the distance was 870 meters) favorites fought, Anatoly Bobrovsky (CJSC «Kirovskyi konniy zavod»)- triple champion of Bizon-Track-Show and Roman Stryk (CJSC «Kolhoz Sovetinskyi»).

Anatoly and Roman participated in competitions 9 times. The final result of four arrivals is — the victory won the most titled Russian tractor racer, with the score 3:1.

Each of three finalists had got modern agricultural tractor provided by the Government of the Rostov region. Anatoly Bobrovsky won the fifth tractors in Bizon-Track-Show.

Top position Pilot Farm Experience of participation
1 Anatoly Bobrovsky CJSC «Kirovskyi konniy zavod»,
Celinskiy area,
Rostov region.
9 years
2 Roman Stryk ЗCJSC «Kolhoz Sovetinskyi»,
Neklinovskiy area,
Rostov region.
9 years
3 Ali Ahmetov CJSC name of Lenin,
Veselovskiy area,
Rostov region.
5 years
4 Igor Gainylin LLC «Krimteplica»,
Republic of Crimea,
4 years

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