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Bizon-Track-Show 2016

Flooded race track is slippery and totally unpredictable. Through the glass driver’s cabin of the tractor almost zero visibility. The constant danger to roll over during the drift, to face with the opponents or get stuck in mud ford. On this time the most difficult challenging test for the racers was prepared by weather. And still heavy rain couldn’t to cool the emotions of the audience and had no effect on the speed of the tractors, which still remained prohibitive.

The fourteenth race on tractors "Bizon-Track-Show 2016" gathered near Rostov-on-don 29 desperate mechanics from the Rostov and Moscow regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, the Republic of Crimea. The oldest rural athlete is 67 years. The length of the route is 14.7 kilometers, which includes dangerous turns, jumps, risky high-speed sections, water obstacles, the racers overcame at the speed of 75 km/h.

A mad roar of motors was muffled enthusiastic shout by about 40,000 fans. Riders began to drop out from the first stage of the competition. From intensity of the struggle could not stand the nerves and technique as well. One tractor overturned. According racer is all right, but the tractor went from the distance. Several tractors were damaged on the track too. Each driver tried to squeeze out from tractor all Horse Power. A lot of mechanic operators have showed miracles of control of tractor: in a jump almost on meter flew up over the earth, came into turn on two wheels, by miracle keeping balance.

The most dramatic events were in the final between the best two races. The sky over the highway suddenly overcast. It started raining, turning the road into a skating rink. Lightning and thunder only added to the responsible moment-needed edge. The winner of «Bizon-Track-Show 2016» is Ali Ahmetov from CJSC of name Lenin from Veselovskiy area, the second place - young racer Alexander Grechkin, who supported a farm of his father. The viewers saw 1300 meters with overcoming of water and mud barriers, fight to two victories. The first race of the rivals were almost on level, trailing, then overtaking each other. On a slippery road Akhmetov unexpectedly brought.Trying to make up for lost time, he sat down at the ford. 1:0 for benefit of Grechkin. The next race and this time just the same mistake was made by the young racer.The score was 1:1. Decisive start. Under shouts of fans by stands, lifting dirt, two racers have rushed. The impression was made that in this fight nobody felt sorry for neither himself nor tractor as well. The gas pedal is pressed to the floor, the chances of winning both equal. On an entrance to the bewitched ford the audience unexpectedly has calmed down. Akhmetov's tractor, broke free and raced to the finish line. And Grechkin again sat down and this time hard– it was necessary to pull out a tractor of technical service.

Ali Akhmetov accepts the congratulations from many fans – twice winner of the "Bizon-Track-Show". The main prizes for the best athletes – two tractors, a cultivator and a plow – were provided by the Government of the Rostov region.

Tournament table

Place Driver Farmer Experience
1 Ali Akhmetov CJSC of name Lenin from Veselovskiy area, Rostov region 8 years
2 Alexsandr Grechkin Grechkin G.V., Azovskiy area, Rostov region 2 years
3 Nikolay Vascan LLC Kolos, Milutinskiy area, Rostov region 2 years
4 Sergey Gargyn Gargyn S.V., Morozovskiy area, Rostov region 2 years


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