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Bizon-Track-Show 2009

Anatoly Bobrowski, machine operator JSC "Kirov stud" Tselinskiy district of Rostov region, was twice champion of Russia's only all-round tractor Bison Track Show. The first case of the seven-year history of the race.

A total distance exceeding 8,000 meters. Six stages of intense struggle: risky turns, deep ditches, dangerous descents and ascents. On the road out is not just machine operators - these bison. Between the three dozens of rural riders aged 23 to 60 years old turned serious fighting, spurred by passion for sport and adrenaline.

The first tests of "The Road" (1100 m) and "Vnedorozhe" (680 m) - at the time - for the 20 strongest drivers. Following two rounds of past winners of the race Ivan Zabrodina (№ 1, SEC "Friendship"), Melkonov Hochkiyana (№ 20, Kolkhoz Myasnikyan), Anatoly Bobrovsky (№ 17, JSC "Kirov stud") and Andrey Gordeev (№ 19, Ltd. "Earth") confidently beat veteran agricultural Anatoly Shishkin (№ 21, SEC farm "Miusskaya"). Known for his aggressiveness on the track, he immediately declared the claim to the leadership contest.

On the stage of the "Ring Race" (860 m) buffalo came in pairs. Ten races with the change of tracks. Launched together, tractors differed on their routes and for 200 meters before the finish their journey again connected. At this point, it seemed a collision is inevitable. Strong nerves distinguished 10 pilots. However, the favorites are fewer - descended from a distance champion Ivan Zabrodin 2008.

"The silage pit" (30 m) - to check the rapidity of the reaction. The minimum time participants must commit three travel back and forth, knocking the crossbar start and finish. And the unpredictability of the race. Among the five losers audience favorites: Hochkiyan, Gordeev and undaunted Shishkin.

- Last year, took second place, this came at first - said Anatoly Sobolewski, chairman of the SEC farm "Miusskaya." - Such a shame, do not break the bar on the silo.

In the semi-finals - doubles race two laps (990 meters) - each of the five pilots got the opportunity to race with all the competitors. Alexander Chumakov (№ 18, SEC "Steppe") and Roman Struc (№ 11, OOO Agricultural company "cages"), 3 and 4 show the results. Anatoly Bobrovsky and Alexander Chekalov (№ 14, OOO they Lenin) continued to fight for the grand prize - a tractor "Belarus" individual design.

Fifteen thousand spectators could not breathe even between stages. Stunts on a specially designed supertraktore demonstrated Sergei Sukhovenko, CEO of Bison, the author of tractor races.

- We are trying to make the competition and the speed and skill, and wit, - said Sergey Sukhovenko. - On the road to count all the moves. You have to know where to overtake, and where better to miss an opponent. In a complex plot that will fly, and you calmly finishiruesh. Extreme show staged "the Germans" - powerful tractors Fendt 936. First, one of them tried in vain to drag racing in strip four cars retired participants. Then, standing "for the buck" they built a pyramid, in which the tunnel slipped miniature Italian tractor Goldoni.

The culmination of the competition - doubles race with barrels on the cross-connecting road (770 m). Spectators were waiting. Waved the flag and down the steep hill on the wild speed of the car raced two tractor. Pilots changed lanes and again disappeared in clouds of dust and smoke. Screaming fans drowned out the roar of the engines ... In two races the first to cross the finish line number 17. Victory!

- I have a daughter, May 6, Anya - shared joy Anatoly Bobrovsky.
- Dedicate his victory to her. When four years ago, was the first to understand - this is happiness. Today, I am doubly happy: I'm a father and champion again!

In the decisive battle of Anatoly rescued tractor "Leader" - the award in 2005. Before the start of the bison Tselinskiy district received several days off for training. Drove to the local ravines. Efforts to ensure the result. Now JSC "Kirov stud 'two podium tractor.


Place Pilot Economy
1 17 Anatoly Bobrowski JSC "Kirov stud",
Tselinskii district of Rostov region
2 14 Alexander Chekalov ZAO them. Lenin,
Tsimlyansky district of Rostov region
3 18 Alexander Chumak SEC "Steppenwolf",
Tsimlyansky district of Rostov region
4 11 Roman Struc Ltd. Agri "Cages",
Neklinovskiy district of Rostov region

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