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Bizon-Track-Show 2011

Here, as in all of life. Off the road, deep ditches, unexpected turns and mud to the knees. Need to overcome obstacles as high speed tractor, ahead of rivals, racing to victory. Once a year in front of thousands of spectators machine operators become desperate drivers. A tractor rally extreme becomes a hymn rural workers.

The ninth annual tractor race Bison Track Show has become a serious challenge even for the most experienced competitors. The emphasis on overcoming water obstacles contrary to the expectations of the organizers made the weather itself. The three-hour downpour on the eve of the tournament turned the tractor 8-kilometer track in the slippery ice rink with impassable mud sites. The challenge for the 37 Russian and foreign pilots is complicated by the full-time nature of the struggle. Five of the six races were paired, which increased the likelihood of a collision with a tractor and departure routes in the corners.

The country's only tractor race participants and spectators have presented many surprises. During overcome obstacles one pilot turned, I could not bear the load of five appliances. Due to strict security policies competitions were held without an accident.

The most spectacular and unpredictable race was the final ring with the change of tracks. In the fight for the third place finish came in the first two-time champion Anatoly Bobrovsky tractor races, beating the lap Ali Akhmetov. In a battle for first and second place win at the skilled Alexander Chekalova suddenly snatched Alex Kuporov never before on the podium. The winner took to his farm grand prize Bison Track Show American tractor "Challenger".

Eyewitnesses dashing tractor fights were about 20 thousand spectators from Russia, CIS and far abroad. Many of them arrived at the village festival families. Governor Vasily Golubev also watched the races surrounded by his loved ones. According to him, the Bison Track Show to the image of the Rostov region as a major agricultural region of the country, helps promote the profession of machine and involvement of young people in agriculture.


Place Pilot Economy
1 27 Alexei Kuporov Ltd. "Krasnokutske",
October district of Rostov region
2 36 Alexander Chekalov ZAO them. Lenin,
Tsimlyansky district of Rostov region
3 17 Anatoly Bobrowski ZAO "Kirov stud",
Tselinskii district of Rostov region
4 13 Ali Akhmetov ZAO them Lenin,
Veselovskii district of Rostov region

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