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Bizon-Track-Show 2014

More than 30 thousand spectators became witnesses of dashing tractor races near Rostov-on-Don. Fearless machine operators on the highway with extremely dangerous obstacles put tractors on back wheels, synchronously dived in deep ditches, jumped out of the water and again immersed in the deep mud. Racers without reducing speed overcame risky turns.

14 June rural machine operators took part from Rostov and Moscow areas, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions in the XII racing tractors «Bizon-Track-Show 2014». For the first time in the tournament under the Russian flag were performed machine operators of the Republic of Crimea. Already on the start of the competition the audience realizes that they are going to see something special as: the speed limit, dizzying jumps and uncompromising struggle. All drivers came to win, no one wanted to give up.
Anatoly Shishkin — 65 years old racer, which is known for the steep temper, he didn’t give up to rivals on the route and if possible he used the methods of contact fight. And also took part more young drivers — Vacheslav Mironov, Roman Stryk, Petr Vydrenko, Melkon Hochkiyan.

In the first minutes of the tournament from the distance the tractor was removed — couldn’t stand the front axle. Also two more machine operators stand up on back wheels but «seeing the sky» returned to the normal position, miraculously avoiding tipping back and continued to fight. Unfortunately one of the drivers lost control of the tractor and was on his side.

The most spectacular was the third stage which called «Trial». Racers on the top speed flew on a series of underwater jumps. The movement reminded roller coaster but only the swamp which depth was over 1.5 meters. Sportsman called this style «tractor brass». However, there were obvious elements of synchronized swimming and underwater.

«Viennese waltz» — the art of maneuvering on the tractor to the music of Johann Strauss.
«Race with freight» — test on endurance of cars and people. Constant game shootout on the Olympic system. The tension increased with each step. Racers had less and it means that the chances of wining more and more.

In the fight for 3rd and 4th places were — Alexander Ryazentsev from farm «Stepnoi» of Tsimlyansk area and Igor Gainylin from farm «Crimeteplitsya» of Simferopol region. According to the results of fights twice to finish first came Igor Gainylin which deserved bronze.

The super final became full of drama. The 1st and the 2nd place played the best tractor drivers of this year — Ali Ahmetov from farm name of Lenin of Veselovskiy area Igor Nosov from farm «Miysskiyi» of Neklinovskyi area. And if the first participant on this time could to declare itself as the perspective pilot, which won silver and also bronze in the races of 2012 and 2013. As the second participant was the fifth result in the competition three years ago. Ali Ahmetov with incredible speed has gone faster. Swept past from the stunned viewer and took the storm of applause, suddenly he firmly stuck in the mud. Only a powerful tractor from technical service managed to get him out of the swamp. The second race — again sudden start and the opponent of Ahmetov so far behind. It would seem that there is a chance to win. However racer at full speed rushed into another mud trap. And while he was trying to get out of it, Igor Nosov calmly finished second time. Prudence took over the vehemence. His first victory in the «Bizon-Track- Show» celebrate the farm «Miysskiyi» and chairman Anatoly Sobolevskyi.

Three of the best racers traditionally received award as agricultural tractors from the Government of the Rostov region.


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