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Bizon-Track-Show 2018

Difficult track, watering from time to time the riders and spectators rain, clashes and coups… the most extreme race in 16-year history tractor competition in the Rostov region has identified new favorites, which managed to press the recent leaders.

Already in the first minutes of the tractor races it became clear — the 2018 competitions will be special. 33 rural athletes, 15-kilometer track, 6 qualifiers and two finals stage, about 40 000 spectators. Arrivals for two, three and four participants. Circuit races with the change of tracks, with the choice of the order of their passage, with cargo and without cargo. Risky high-speed sections, dangerous turns, jumps, water obstacles. And all this under successive rain and sunshine. Slippery and unpredictable road, multiplied by emotion and the thirst for victory, led to frequent supernumerary situations.

At the first stage, directly at the start at full speed two tractors collided Multi-tone the cars rolled over one another through the somersault and froze in the dust clubs. Another tractor, having lost sight in the muddy ford, stumbled on his opponent and overturned. Several tractors are stuck. One of the tractors flashed a flame under the hood, the other was boiling engine. Drifts, really so often uncontrollable, occurred at many corners. Racers tested the strength of the technique, but at the same time their nerves and the nerves of the audience. The main thing is that everything without injuries — frames and seat belts protected from accidents.

The unusual and unpredictable course of the race knocked out the favorites and opened the way, gaining strength, opponents.

For the first time in a few years did not reach the final mechanic Ali Akhmetov — one of the main contenders for the championship. On his account two «gold», three «silver» and one
«bronze», and also 6 won tractors. But on this time the machine could not stand the load. «Akhmetov missed, «- said one of the fans with regret. One more leader also withdrew from the race in last year it was the Stavropolian- Yuri Arkhiptsev.

But the victory in one of the races of the farmer Nikolay Sankov (elder) over his son Nikolay Sankov (junior) for the first time in 9 years of participating in the race sent him to a small final. In the fight for the bronze medal, he was twice ahead of his opponent Alexander Podolin and he secured the third step on the podium.

In the super final came Alexander Grechkin and Vyacheslav Mironov — representatives of the Rostov and the Moscow Region. 20-year-old Grechkin on the race track for the fourth time. He already has «Silver» in 2016. Today he is serving in the army. And the command of the South Military District specifically to participate in tractor races gave him weekly vacation. Mironov is 30 years old and at competitions he is the seventh year. He doesn’t take prize places, but each time improved his results. Both had equal chances.

Race to two wins with a change of tracks. Immediately from the start Grechkin ahead of his opponent and rushed off to the finish with a significant margin. Mironov tried to catch up with him, but suddenly firmly stuck in the ford, it took the help of the technical service. 1: 0. Second race and in an attempt to take revenge Mironov broke forward. However, Grechkin, in response, accumulated incredible speed and, having made a maneuver, again bypassed his opponent. One under shouted fans crossed the finish line, and the second again fell into a mud trap. As it turned out that the representative of the Moscow region at the previous stage flew the pipe from the compressor and the tractor did not gain the necessary power. The score is 2: 0. Ordinary Armed forces of Russian Federation Grechkin- champion of Bizon-Track-Show 2018.

For the first three places drivers were handed tractors, for the fourth — a plow. The main prizes for farmers provided the Government of the Rostov region. All injured in accidents the technique of participants will be traditionally restored by the organizing Committee of races on tractors.

Tournament table

Place Driver Farmer Experience
1 Aleksandr Grechkin KFH of Gregory Grechkin, Azovskii area, Rostov region 4 years
2 Vyacheslav Mironov IP Natalya Mironova, Shatyrskiii area, Moscow region 7 years
3 Nikolay Sankov older KFH “Makena”, Azovskii area, Rostov region 9 years
4 Aleksandr Podolin ZAO name of Lenin, Veselovskii region, Rostov area 3 years

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