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Bizon-Track-Show 2015

June 7 near Rostov-on-Don again fought rural machine operators for the best tractor driver of the country. The battle was desperate. Victory - a matter of principle. Concede opponents nobody wanted. Tractors fly, roll, throw mud, and even burned …

28 of machine operators from the Rostov, Moscow, Sverdlovsk regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, the Republic of Crimea took part in the extreme Tractor tournament. Bizon-Track-Show 2015 - was a real challenge for the drivers and the techniques. 8 stages difficult track length of over 11 kilometers. Unexpected jumps, sharp turns, mud-risk areas - and all this in an internal competition at a furious pase for a tractor under 100 km / h. Heat: under the burning sun more than 30 ° C, in the cab - all 50. Passions run high on the race track and 35 thousand spectators, spurred racers with deafening scream.

"Marathon", "Chance", "Divide by two," "Trial" ... From the first arrivals tractors pushed each other off the track, taking off the wheels clear off the ground, raising fountains of mud, to drift in a cloud of dust. Overcoming the fiery gates, one tractor even fired (not fit into the rotation and knocked down burning support). As a result of the security services and firemen the flames was quickly extinguished. Another machine, landed badly on the finish, broke the rack front wheel rolled over and immediately received a blow to the body from the opponent. Tractor early gone the distance, despite the fact that crossed the finish line ahead of his pursuer.

Favorites of race became obvious to the sixth stage. On heats "Powerful Run" came at once four tractors loaded with 1,200 kilograms. Simultaneous start. The racer, Ali Ahmetov (CJSC im. Lenina Veselovsky district of Rostov region) sharply rushed forward. Competitors Peter Vydrenko (CJSC im. Lenina Tsimlyansk district of Rostov region), Roman Struk (CJSC "Sovetinsky farm" Neklinovsky district of Rostov region) and Igor Gaynulin (LLC "Krymteplitsa" Semfiropolsky district of Crimea) could not overtake him.

The victory in the "Small final" and third place was awarded to Roman Struk automatically as Igor Gaynulin could not continue the race.

At the start of "Super Final" in the fight for first place came out, Ali Akhmetov and Peter Vydrenko. Ahead three runs across country overcoming obstacles of water and mud. The distance - 1000 meters. To become a champion you have double times to reach the finish first. Go-ahead flag and sportsman from Veselovsky district sharply left into the lead. Catch up and beat him Tsimlyansk rider succeeded but not for long. Act too late in the water obstacle, Peter lost the initiative. Ali attacked him and did not concede. Change tracks and start again. At this time, the first through the air Vydrenko. However, Akhmetov came abreast with him on the turn, for some time going side by side, and the ford again rushed forward and not miss the leadership. Finish line. Approving roar of the tribunes. Ali Akhmetov - the winner of the Bizon-Track-Show 2015 and best tractor racer in Russian.

For the highest level on the podium, Ali Akhmetov persistently was going for seven years. In 2010 and 2011 he held fourth place. In 2013 - the third. In 2012 and 2014, - the second. Today is the triumph for his career of a racer. Well-deserved victory over competitors. The main prize - agricultural tractor and seeder (fourth prize tractor on his farm yard machine). Second place was awarded a tractor for third and fourth - fertilizer spreaders. The main prizes to farmers provided by the Government of the Rostov Region.

Tournament table

Place Pilot Farm Experience of participation
1 Ali Akhmetov CJSC im. Lenin, Veselovsky district of Rostov region 7 years
2 Peter Vydrenko CJSC im. Lenin Tsimlyansky district of Rostov region 2 years
3 Roman Struk CJSC "Sovetinsky farm" Neklinovskiy district of Rostov region 11 years
4 Igor Gaynulin LLC "Krymteplitsa" Simferopol region of Crimea 6 years

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