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Technical rules

Only such tractors are allowed to compete in Bizon Track-Show races, which construction meets the requirements of technical rules of the races. Strict requirements to racing vehicles are caused by safety conditions for tractor pilots and spectators in combined competitions. Every tractor must pass an inspection by Russian State Technical Supervision Authority "Gostekhnadzor" and Bizon Quality Control Department. In case of mismatch the team is not allowed to take part in the race.

General requirements:

  • Tractor model: MTZ-80, MTZ -82, Belarus -826, -892, -920, -952, and their modifications.
  • Bonnet rigid locking (like on racing cars).
  • Articulated sport seat.
  • Three-point (minimum) sports seat belt.
  • Safety rails for pilots.
  • Rigid shell helmet.
  • Нealth certificate and tractor operator ID card.
  • State registration license, current annual technical inspection certificate.
  • Compulsory motor third party liability police (for tractors registered in Russia).
  • Documents for the tractor.

Requirements to braking system:

  • Conformity with the norms of efficient braking, provided in data sheet for the tractor.
  • Leak-tight hydraulic, pneumatic or air-hydraulic brake drives.
  • Manometers of hydraulic or air-hydraulic brake drives in good order.
  • Dead stop of the tractor on slopes.
  • No modifications of standard braking mechanisms of drive axle.

Requirements to steering:

  • Conformance of the steering integrated free play to the norms, indicated in tractor specifications.
  • No replacement of parts and assembly units not required by standard design.

Requirements to external lights:

  • Conformance of the type, color, position, and operating mode of external lights to the requirements of tractor design.
  • No red lights or reflectors in the front part of a tractor.
  • No white lights or reflectors in the rear part of a tractor, but reversing lights and license plate lights.

Requirements to windscreen wipers:

  • Operation of windscreen wipers and washers in accordance with the norms under the design of a tractor. Filled in windscreen washer tank.

Requirements to wheels and tires:

  • The remaining tread-depth of tires must conform with tractor specifications.
  • Tires must be intact.
  • Wheel disk and rim must be free of cracks.
  • Full set of wheel mounting bolts and nuts.
  • Tires must conform by size and load bearing capacity with tractor model.

Requirements to engine:

  • Leak-tight fuel system.
  • Fault-free exhaust system.
  • It is strongly recommended to take measures to prevent water ingress inside the engine.

Other requirements:

  • Rear view mirrors and window glass must be installed.
  • Motor horn in good order.
  • No objects or coatings blocking the driver view and window glass transparency.
  • Locks of driver cabin doors in good order.
  • Splash aprons and splash guards must be installed according to tractor design.
  • Proper operation of tow-hitch and bolster
  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher in drivers cabin (to be installed in standard holders).
  • Emergency stop light in good order (red blinking light).
  • Reliable fixation of accumulator battery in standard holder. Free access to battery disconnect switch.
  • No strange or loose parts inside the cabin (tools, jack, spares, etc.).

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Consultations on Race Tractor Preparation
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