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Bizon-Track-Show 2010

The victory in the VIII annual race on tractors Bison Track Show 2010 won the Alexander Chumakov of the SEC "Steppenwolf" Tsymlyansk district of Rostov region. In the final race, he confidently beat two-time all-around champion and two other rural pilots. For the first time the country's best tractor driver was identified by the simultaneous launch once the four finalists.

In Bison Track Show 2010 was attended by 34 rural tractor driver from the Rostov region, Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Crimea (Ukraine). Distance racing circuit in total exceed 8400 meters, for which, along with the speed to 85 km / h showed the pilots and complex elements of driving. For tractor-fights under the scorching sun watched about 20 thousand people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Germany.

Competitions 2010 different emphasis on internal struggles. Three-in of the six were paired. One is with the load of 1200 kg. During overcome jumps, turns and obstacles dangerous one pilot turned over, three out of the race, a police car crushed by a tractor. Due to strict security policies competitions were held without an accident. Each of the drivers was insured for 1 million rubles.

The most spectacular and unpredictable became final. On the road came just four riders. Place on the grid have been distributed in accordance with the results shown in the course of the competition. The first is located Anatoly Bobrowski, twice champion Bison Track Show. However, even at the start erupting forward Alexander Chumakov did not leave a favorite of previous races chances of winning.

The best Russian tractor drivers in 2010 were the representatives of the Rostov region: Alexander Chumakov (SEC "Steppenwolf", Tsimlyansky district), Anatoly Bobrovsky (JSC "Kirov stud" Tselinskii district), Vartan Hiabahyan (SPK "Friendship" Myasnikovsky district). In September, they will have to fight with the Ukrainian rural machine near Simferopol.

Tractor race Bison Track Show held in the Rostov region in 2002. Over the past period were attended by more than 100 rural drivers. Team sports are collected on the basis of tractors MTZ-80 and MT-82. With each tournament all-around becomes extreme, a growing number of participants and fans of this unusual sport. For the recognition of the pilots, the contest can not only improve the driving skills of agricultural machinery - there are more incentives for good performance. Traditionally, the main prize of the competition is the tractor "Belarus" individual design. In 2009, the idea of ​​a tractor races supported agricultural enterprises of the Crimea.


Place Pilot Economy
1 33 Chumak Alexander SEC "Steppenwolf",
Tsimlyansky district of Rostov region
2 23 Anatoly Bobrowski JSC "Kirov stud",
Tselinskii district of Rostov region
3 19 Hiabahyan Vartan SEC "Friendship",
Myasnikovsky district of Rostov region
4 9 Ахметов Али ZAO them. Lenin,
Veselovskii district of Rostov region

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